Yoga through the

Your Life's Journey through the 8 Limbs of Yoga

January 19-April 5, 2020 4pm

We will practice, discuss, play, learn and laugh

through 12 transformational sessions.  

We will begin by first, defining yoga; because

we might not all be talking about the same

thing. Many words have subjective meanings,

meaning we create our definition of the word

that is true but also unique to us.


I find "yoga" is often one of these words and when

we say "yoga," we may be talking about very

different things. 


So Who is this For:


•    Anyone who wishes to experience more

      inner peace, strength and freedom

      in relationship to themselves and others
•    Yogis who feel the calling to go deeper, integrating the philosophy of yoga 

      into their daily life & practice
•    Anyone who wants to gain a more complete grasp of yoga philosophy and how

      it brings focus to the many paths of life.
•    Yoga teachers who wish to better understand the 8 Limbs, and

      share it in their own teaching


You’ll Receive:

o    12 weeks of guided practice,

      discussion and study
o    Deep study of the

      Yamas and Niyamas (The 8 Limbs)
o    Weekly talks of health, clear minds and

      kind hearts that weave together many

      yogic teachings in order to bring all

      students closer to the goal of

o    Seated practices, including meditation,

      pranayama, mantra and mudra, for each week
o    Asana (posture) practices and sun salutations designed to explore each of the

      8 Limbs and each Yama and Niyama
o    Questions for self-study 

o    A dedicated Facebook group for discussion and community connection

Course Overview

Meeting every Sunday at the LifeFlow Yoga studio is an opportunity to

strengthen you from the inside out and get clarity in your own heart about

what practicing the 8 limbs of yoga means in your life.  Should you be unable

to attend in person, sessions will be recorded for student review and virtual attendance options will be available.


The 12 week course will cover:



•    Overview of the 8 limbs
•    Overview of the Yamas
•    Overview of the Niyamas
•    Preparatory work - welcome video
•    Facebook Community for communication and initial discussion
•    Asana practice
•    Opening mantra 



•    Ahimsa (Non-Violence) – Practicing compassion and forgiveness
•    Satya (Absence of Falsehood) – Becoming trustworthy to yourself
•    Asteya (Non-Stealing) – Accepting that what is here is enough
•    Brahmacharya (Moderation) – Being awake to the senses but not led by them
•    Aparigraha (Non-Grasping) – Allowing things to come and go



•    Saucha (Cleanliness) – An everyday clarification of your spaces and practices.
•    Santosha (Contentment) – Mastering the art of feeling at ease and at peace with

•    Tapas (Discipline) – A constancy and disciplined fervor that motivates your sustained                practice.
•    Svadhyaya (Self-Study) –  Ways of clearing away any misperceptions, as a means to

      see your life clearly. 
•    Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender)  –  The understanding of how your intentions relate to             to what you actually give your attention. 




Asana (posture) and pranayama (intentional movement of life force) are explored

throughout all 12 weeks of the course. Here, we explore the philosophical and historical thread of these practices in the context of the 8 limbs. Then, we’ll give particular attention

to pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses). 





The final 3 limbs grow more and more subtle, as we practice focusing the attention. Collectively, dharana (concentration), dhyanna (meditation) and samadhi (absorption) are called samadhi (integration), or simply meditation x 3. We’ll explore the subtle distinctions

of all three forms of meditation and practices that support stillness.


If most this seems “GREEK” to you, don’t feel intimidated and shy away.  Anything great

in life takes practice and study to reap the benefits and rewards.  Yoga is no exception!


The Yamas and Niyamas are the foundation for a meaningful and life-changing yoga path. Living according to these principles brings peace, joy, and understanding to your world.

Your compassion and awareness will grow, and your yoga practice will flourish.


Enroll Now:

Only $299 through January 6th
After the 6th, enrollment increases an additional $125

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