Mother Earth ~ Source Of Healing & Creation

A dharmic approach based on the Five Elements


Mother Earth is so generous supporting us unconditionally, providing to us the nutrition and the resources we do need to live. Nature brings so much beauty and abundance into our lives. We receive her healing benefits just by being in contact with her. No words, no explanations are needed. She is source of inspiration. She is the source of creation.


Do we take care of her as much as she takes care of us?

Originally we came on this planet as guardians. We received all tools to create a harmonious, nurturing relationship with the earth.

Our ancestors were respecting her, they were asking permission before causing any type of intrusion, they were thankful for all food and resources she generously brought into their lives.




Though, what happened?

So many ancestral rituals and traditions have been dismissed. So much harm has been caused instead of focusing towards harmony.


Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. Numerous communities are taking actions and creating movements for the environmental protection worldwide. The Paris Agreement was signed by more than 120 countries on earth day 2016.

In the last three decades I had the chance to learn from different traditions with aborigines in Australia, with masters in Asia, with shamans in Americas and Europe. Their healing modalities are based on nature principles and resources.

Caring for the earth in all its elements is a journey inwards and outwards.


All mindful journey begins with a clear intention. Your intention may be peace, nurturing, acceptance, love_ This intention is bringing a special touch and frequency into your life. It reflects in your thoughts, in your actions, in your relationships. It does create a ripple effect around you and leads you to experience synchronicities and the law of attraction.