Yoga and Fish? What the Hell?

January 15, 2018


Matsyasana- Fish Pose


Ok, so yes Fish Pose is an actual yoga pose (and done much better by others) but how do Fish and Yoga interconnect?  Or do they?  For me, they are my world and I continually have struggled to connect the two. I love our world ocean, the people committed to feeding humankind and creating communities of strong families. I love the world of yoga. It is a world comprised of unity and community.  People passionate about inner-strength and outward love.  And I love my daughter.  She is both of the above- community, family, strength and the purest form of love.  Yoga doesn't mean that you have to be "bendy-betty", have a dancers body or even be of a certain age.  Yoga if for all shapes, sizes and souls. Every person is unique and that what keeps yoga -well yoga.  It is not one size fits all!  And Sustainable Seafood- it's a movement that started 20 years ago to save a dying industry and overfished fisheries.  It has twisted and changed into an economic driver that is fed by big money and consumer choices made with their forks.  I never envisioned myself becoming someone with a made up name (and yes, I made it up).  However, I have talked Fish and responsible seafood all day everyday for 20 years, while wistFully wanting to contribute A LOT more to the world and longing to be on my Yoga mat.  And I really wanted to take my lessons learned in my dual lives out of the office, off the mat and into the world. Hence, the FISH-FUL-YOGI.  




So, I started thinking.   On a flight from California back to Baltimore after attending Fish 2.0, and studying for my 200 teacher training at Core Power Yoga, it hit me like a wave! Yes, it might have been the lack of sleep, the inspiration of reading the strategies of the best and brightest up and coming entrepreneurs in the seafood industry, reading about yoga cultures from thousands of years ago or