My Prana

Every yogi has their own story- their own journey.  Some want to change the world on and off the mat while others want to bend so they don't break as they get older.  I want a little of both just not to the extremes of either.  I will never be super "bendy betty" twisting into really cool pretzel-like shapes, or make the world stand up and take notice of Tj Tate.  But, I can open hearts, bodies and minds in small pockets of this great big world while finally accepting myself as I am at my current age of 48. I know I love my daughter. I understand some things about seafood sustainability after 20+years in an industry that relates back to the beginning of time. I possess only small bits of yogic knowledge after 20+ years of practice (with 5 yrs deeply recommitted) and a 200hr certification compared to the 1000's of years that have evolved into the styles and practices of yoga today. I also know that my worlds of fish, yoga and my child have collided into a beautiful montage that forever will be my vision quest of unity as the Fishful Yogi. 


Have you ever performed a seemingly small service for someone, only to discover that that act had far-reaching positive consequences for more than just that person?  This is the essence of Fish Pose Matsyasana in Yoga and the giving of fish, shellfish and sea veggies to/from our oceans, our bodies and our communities is sustainable seafood.  These are seemingly small gifts that just keep giving and giving much like the Giving Tree. 

However if you remember that story, we as a people MUST give back.  We must feed our spirits and our souls and we must sustain our oceans so that this worldly "giving tree" remains  the source of that bounty that provides us life.  We are made of water, our planet is water and a blue revolution to change and protect this world has begun.

The Unique Philosophy-

From the Sea to the Soul

On both sides of this evolution, I have seen how every choice we make has an impact on our health, our oceans and our future.  Fishermen, Fish Farmers, Yogis- believe it or not, every tide that turns leaves a lasting impression on us all. This is the essence of Sea to Soul.  

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2018 Matsyasana & Seafood