SeaVant~Seafood Advocate

Fisheries and Seafood Coach 20+ years

MS, BS, Seafood Champion Visionary, Global Speaker and Change maker, Executive, Director, Participant, Convener, Brand Developer, Implementer, Ambassador

My mission is to apply my life lessons, education and soulful empowerment skills to heal a world struggling to find water, food, self-preservation, healthy bodies and peaceful minds. 
I aspire to be a vessel to generate positive change within a universe in which we all share —


The Fishful Yogi~

Community Sherpa~

Mind/Body/Spirt Coach 


Power Vinyasa





Kid’s Yoga

Yoga Health Coach in Training

Yandara 300 RYT hr in Progress

Jared McCann 500 RYT in Progress

Yoga Health Coach Training in Progress

Transformational Retreats, Life-long learner and Teacher

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